Anipals Pet Sitting LLC

Anipals Updates:


My name is Sam and i live in the beautiful region of Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am sole owner and blessed with a very successful small business where i take care of your pets at your place where you live. My priority is the wellness and happiness of your pet. I am a former veteran USAF semi-retired dentist focused on dental literature and continuing education with pet-sitting as my main focus.

My goal is to make sure your pet receives the same excellent care you give to them, in the comfort of their own home, by making sure they get proper meals, frequent walks (for your dog for example), cuddle time, and play time, and clean litter box (for your cat).

My services are available for when you go on vacation or an emergency leave or any time when you cannot do the chores. I have 2 cats myself, and love them dearly and would be delighted to care for your furry children. Anipals embodies this caring for pets, where your pet is treated like royalty.

I am available to care for your pets if you live in the Santa Fe, Tesuque, Pojoaque, Española, Los Alamos regions.

Insured and bonded for your confidence.

Initial Meet and Greet: Free!
“Full Time” which is overnight and day 24 hours : $45
“Part Time” a visit of 30 min-2 hours based on your needs or requests: $25
Pooper Scooper all yard: $15
Best of all, my prices remain the same during any holidays!

I look forward to meeting you and your pets and giving top notch care for your sweet Anipals !

i get booked out fast and only single task so please make your reservation early on please.

A $100 fee will be charged for cancellations of less than a week.

>> There will be a small $5 dollar increase for both part time and full time starting 2017<<


P.S. Anipals Pet-Sitting reserves the right to not accept a customer.

P.P.S. A key MUST be provided (which is part of the policies and procedures of the company)

P.P.P.S. I work trusting you and your pet

Without trust the world is untrustworthy, with trust the world is trustworthy- Tao Teh Ching

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